What are the customer-supplier processes in Interiors?

  • 1 First you send and inquiry upon which you are contacted by our creative designer.
  • 2 He/she is listening to your visions, needs, ideas and proposes optimal solution to your satisfaction.
  • 3 Once our designer receives your approval with the solution referring to the design, materials and final calculation, the job order is addressed to our production unit.
  • 4 Following the delivery period announced in advance we deliver, assemble and test the functionality of all the parts, eventually we are here to answer any of your questions in terms of use or maintenance.
  • 5 We would be glad to support you in case of any possible subsequent servicing, and we look forward for the next jobs we can do for you.
Order cycle


Upon the inquiry of the customer we invent a solution, perform the needed measurements. Then, together with a customer we choose the materials, sketch individual elements or entire interior in 3D programme, which is aimed to make the idea more real.


The approved sketches are programmed to be produced, and together with delivered materials form the required design. We take pride in the quality, and that’s why we check it carefully throughout the job-order processing steps. We made the very demanding manufacturing process as much effective as it could be, using SW tools and IT apps, which have been implemented across the entire company.


We transport our jobs using our own vehicles, eventually the vehicles outsourced from our partner carriers.
Prior the expedition all the items are inspected with care, properly packed and protected against damage during the transport.


We provide you with complete assembly wherever in the world thanks to numerous assembly professional teams equipped with high-quality tools and assembly accessories. Regularly performed field-targeted trainings which take place in the training centre of our company.
Within entire interior supplies we are specialized also in flooring, staircase or interior doors installations.


We can offer you and ensure any accessories products you are interested to have in your interior. Our partners in the field of interior doors, flooring, upholstery or sophisticated glass components are tried-and tested by us. We also provide you with consulting services in terms of the choice of design lighting or seating furniture of any type or kind.