Staircases where we started. So, if you wish to design, manufacture, and assemble any interior staircase, feel free to contact us – you will be given professional response, high-quality performance which is based on our long-term experience and official certification. We look forward to your inquiry. All the staircases we manufacture are from high-quality materials supplied by our long-term contractors. Staircases and railings are made of solid wood whether of classic or exotic kinds. We also use Corian, Technistone, stainless steel or glass.

All the staircase types photos can be found in the gallery – i.e. mortise and tenon joints staircases, staircases side wall, as well as the tiles on the concrete stairs and steel structures.

We will be happy to introduce, explain, and consult your choice, and prepare everything needed for an interior tailored based on your needs and wishes. We use professional software tools to manufacture the Compass staircase with direct CNC programming, as well as further outputs, including 3D visualization.