Kitchen studio

Our kitchen studio specializes in planning kitchen units. Our services include kitchen design, measurements, production and subsequent delivery and installation. We have extensive experience in the manufacture and implementation of kitchens in the commercial sector and for private customers. We offer comprehensive customer service and work with a variety of state-of-the-art materials, the range of which we are constantly developing.

CONSULTATION: Are you ready to turn your dream kitchen into reality? Great! We are experts in kitchens and dream fulfilment. We will help you with the planning down to the smallest detail, advise you on how to optimally use the space, and manufacture a kitchen that suits your taste and your daily needs, and all that in high quality.

Design: Visit our kitchen studio and get advice from experts. We will go through the requirements and ideas with you, familiarize you with the possibilities, advise you on the selection of materials, colours, appliances and kitchen accessories and prepare a kitchen design for you in a professional graphics program. Every design and every visualization also contain a detailed price calculation. To be able to start designing the kitchen, we need the following documents from you: the project documentation of the respective room or a freehand sketch in which you mark:

  • Room dimensions
  • Ceiling height
  • Arrangement of windows and doors
  • The sill height or window height
  • Placement of radiators
  • Distribution of electricity, water, gas
  • Is it possible to move existing distributions? Etc.
  • Hood for the extractor
  • Device specifications

It is also advisable to mark other elements that could affect the assembly of the kitchen, e.g. pipes inside the walls, windowsills protruding into the room, projections, or niches in the walls

It is also necessary to know what material the walls of the room or ceilings are made of, whether there are cables in the floor (e.g. underfloor heating). If the walls are made of plasterboard, the height of the partitions for hanging the upper cabinets must be marked.

PRODUCTION: We ensure the quality and precision of processing and at the same time keep the shortest possible delivery date in our production halls, which are equipped with modern CNC machines from well-known manufacturers, which are operated by experts with many years of experience in this field. The fully equipped production for the carpentry is supplemented by our own paint shop for powder and wet painting as well as a specialized workplace for the processing of solid surface material.

We have made the complex production process as efficient as possible with the help of software tools and IT applications that we use throughout the company. In this way, we can fully meet the most demanding requirements of customers, architects, or investors.

We only use certified suppliers of electrical equipment.