Floor service

For the correct laying of your flooring, you must not only choose the design of the material, but also the quality of the surface on which the future floor is to be laid. It is important to avoid unwanted aspects like mold, dust, noise, creaking or constant moisture under the floor.

For this purpose, we have trained Mapei technicians, with whose help we are looking for suitable and economically affordable solutions for problematic documents.

We advise you on how to correctly place dilation joints, whether the concrete needs to be professionally repaired in some places (e.g. by sewing).

We choose the right penetration, which can partially prevent moisture, and we choose a suitable levelling trowel for fast and economically available levelling.

It is also important to choose the adhesive you choose depending on the type of room. Another type of adhesive is used in bathrooms, for example, another in areas with high sun intensity, etc. When laying floors, it is not worth looking only at the material price! It should be noted that improperly laid floors or underestimating the preparation of the surface can later lead to extremely high repair costs, which are sometimes very difficult to implement if the space is already in use. Our assembly teams regularly attend annual training courses in which they get to know not only the latest products in the field of design, laying technology, but also in the field of chemistry and the selection of suitable materials for the preparation of floor bases.