The “dry interior design” includes a wide range of services:
– from floor to ceiling
– From the basement to the roof
– from new construction to renovation
The modern interior can be used universally and offers great advantages for statics, short time of drying, and inexpensive construction implementation.
What may not seem feasible at the beginning will lead to a reasonable, cost-effective solution with our expert support. We can convince you with quality from design to execution. We are at your side as a partner for advice throughout the project phase. Your wishes and requirements are carried out with the greatest care and according to the highest “Q”.
We are happy to assist you with a complete or partial interior or attic or an old building renovation. Individual wall systems and individual ceiling systems round off our range of services.
Our employees are trained and certified by experienced specialists Knauf and Rigips, with whom we regularly expand our expertise and receive information about the latest materials and trends in drywall construction. On the recommendation of these renowned companies, we use the most modern anchoring technologies and the latest levelling compounds and materials.
The use of plasterboard is very different and depending on the application and possible use, we divide it into three groups:
– is one of the most commonly used
– Suitable for rooms with optimal constant air humidity
– Through their use, the fire resistance of the ceiling structure in fire class A can be increased by 30 to 90 minutes
– They are used in places with a large number of electrical appliances (in the kitchen) or in places with radiant heat (open stoves).
– impregnated plasterboard
– is mainly used in the construction of kitchens, drying rooms, bathrooms, and basements
The plasterboard has a nice flat and clean surface. During installation, however, these panels must still be covered with a layer of filler to cover joints, screws, and edges. So that this last layer is perfect and straight, it must be sanded afterward. The preparation of the substrate must be carefully prepared, and it is particularly important to pay attention to the joints of the plasterboard.
Even with plasterboard constructions, cracks can form on the surface as well as in the corners. It is always better to avoid problems with cracks and their repairs. It is ideal to prepare walls, surfaces, and corners of the plasterboard so that they do not tear. Filling work is suitable for new buildings as well as for reconstructions and repairs of plasterboard.
We attach great importance to quality, cleanliness, and reliability. Good cooperation with our customers is very important to us in order to be able to implement their wishes as best as possible.