Casino service

The casino service was created after the great success of building Grandcasino in Lichtenstein.

After receiving the first information from the customer, we created the design within 4 months, designed the constructions and within 4 months the customer opened a casino with an area of ​​6000 m2.

An integral part of this complex was also a hotel, restaurant, offices, and other facilities on an additional area of ​​more than 1500 m2.

During the project, experts and specialists from different parts of Europe were selected and we formed a great group of people who support and complement each other. They are specialists in their field, regardless of whether it is camera and security systems or game device design and programming. The team also includes experts in electrical engineering, installers and companies that deal with ventilation systems and elevator construction.

We can not only design the unusual design of your casino for you in the shortest possible time, but also provide the entire concept, including the construction or renovation process. We are happy to take over the entire coordination for you