Solid surface

We have developed top-level workshop where the artificial stone is processed. We offer a tailor-made manufacture, and the products of Corian | Hi-MACS | KRION artificial stone are processed by us. Professional and skilled employees together with the latest technologies and machines provide guarantees of perfect implementation of the projects of any nature and scope.

Artificial stone shall be ranked as the most advanced material, from technological point of view, in particular thanks to its unique characteristics.

Unique characteristics of solid surface:

  • a composition of natural materials with pure and resistant acrylic resins
  • resistant to all the kinds of impurities and chemical substances, is of a constant colour (especially resistant to the exposure of UV radiation), the material is ecological and recyclable
  • non-flammable – so, this material can be used also in public areas and for facades
  • the material can be bent into a wide range of forms, is easily repaired and is of a low-maintenance
  • offers a wide range of design surfaces, may be connected using the glue without visible connections, coloured adhesives are available for the full range of material colours


Corian artificial stone is a surface material which offers nearly unlimited possibilities for the architects and designers. Among its advantages is highly appreciated in particular its resistance to everyday wear and tear. Thanks to this fact the material finds its place both in households, and in commercial premises, i.e. in hotels, health care establishments, shops, showrooms and office buildings.


This is the artificial stone or a composition of top-level technological properties. The material offers unlimited processing possibilities both for interior and exterior use. The material is very firm, homogenous, and composed of a mixture of natural materials. It is pleasant to touch and just a little maintenance is required. HI¬MACS® imitates the wood, having in view the way of processing, however, in several respects it exceeds the quality of wood, as the connections of the parts are not visible. The material can be shaped by the heat. Thanks to the HI¬MACS® technology all the properties mentioned allow to design it individually following the customer´s wishes, without any restrictions.


This is the material which is very close to natural stone. Cutting and processing of Krion shall be performed similarly as if you are processing the wood. The material can be modified in many various ways, upon individual designs and projects, can be connected, heat-shaped and develop curved parts. Any other material available for exterior and interior use cannot be modified like this. KRION is the only material which may be, even after a long time, repaired without visible signs. Thus, it is attractive and stable for many years.

Artificial stone
Artificial stone
Artificial stone

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