Our base

Our base is located in a small remote village called Kasejovice, in southern Bohemia.
It has been located here for 10 years and during that time we have turned it into a huge complex of several buildings, including special buildings for administration and architects.

But the most important is our top production, full of the most modern machines on the market, assembled especially for professional and comprehensive interior design, without compromise.

Take a look at our machines and see it yourself.

HolzHer TECTRA 6120 large format saw

HOLZ-HER cutting center for clean and precise cutting of coated and uncoated wood boards (eg LTD, DTD, MDF) and such materials that are machined in the same way as wood. There is also a control panel and a linear ruler
- Automatically gentle and easy transport of material using air cushions
- T - beam, lifetime positioning accuracy, all displacements by linear guidance.
- Active safety system around the saw
- Connection to the automatic warehouse of the manufacturer GRUNDNER
- Easy handling of parts
- Quick change of saw blades
- Reinforced double collets

Grundner automatic storage

Here, the robotic arm stores the material, which greatly speeds up the production processes. It can also prepare the material overnight for the next day, when its sent to the sawmill.
No scratches or damage is caused when handling the material.

Panhans large format saw

This cutting center is the predecessor of our HolzHer TECTRA 6120P Large Format Saw, with the difference that it does not have an automatic warehouse and we insert boards into it manually, but it is still an irreplaceable tool in our workshop due to its quality and reliability.

ACCURA 1558 Edgebander

Our edgebander can use machine tools to glue and process straight edges and surfaces of wooden board workpieces or materials, with physical and technological properties of wood, such as chipboard, fibreboard, MDF boards, etc.
Our machine can boast of this unique feature as one of the few in the Czech Republic
- Motorized input ruler on linear guides
- Automatic lubrication of the conveyor belt in an industrial design
- Motor setting of all milling units for R 1.3 R 2.0 R 3.0, inclined, plane
- Several alternative options for applying the adhesive - using the GLU-JET system using a cartridge of different colors of adhesive white, transparent, natur or granulate
- Multi system allowing alternative use of granulate or cartridge
- Advantages of applying glue with a nozzle - exact height of glue application, use of PUR adhesives with quick change. Easy cleaning of both EVA adhesives and PUR adhesives
- Part feed speed adjustable from 10 to 30 m / min. Even at the highest feed rate, the ACCURA edgebander guarantees the highest possible edging and edge processing quality. with the so-called zero joint and perfect edge detail

4x five-axis CNC HolzHer

Our five-axis CNC machines open up almost unlimited possibilities for machining wood, plastic or materials that are machined in the same way as wood. the collection of our five-axis CNC machines includes CNC with manual and automatic movement of beams with the possibility of processing material with dimensions up to 4 meters.

- 5-axis controlled cnc center
- 6 SCHMALZ sliding beams and stops, can be divided into 4 workstations
- Schmalz vacuum suction cups
- The beams are also equipped with an auxiliary loading bar
- Displacement of beams on a linear guide
- Electropneumatic locking of beams
- CAMPUS / NC-HOPS control system
- Milling head 13 kW
- Drilling unit with vertical drilling, horizontal drilling and saw
- Linear guide completely covered
- Reinforced construction of the machine in the Y axis
- Rotary tool changer for 18 positions
- Manual control terminal
- Powerful vacuum pump
- Foot carpets, safety bumpers
- Laser adjustment of suction cups

2 Hand Saws

For cutting angles, shortening or finishing parts.

Weber leveling grinder

A machine that allows us to grind the material to a certain force specified by us.


The hydraulic floor veneer press with a lower stroke provides us with the possibility of pressing flat materials. It prouds itself with
solid robust construction of the portal design, foundation from the longer side of the press, opening of the press 400 mm (with 1 floor design), heating with thermal oil. Also included is a heated lower and upper press plate, hydraulic pump with automatic change from low to high pressure with pressure adjustment by means of an adjustable switch.

Venjakob painting machine

Modular powerful machine for every demanding application, including high-gloss surface painting.

Wrapping Robot

Our fully automated auxiliary robot, whose task is to wrap our products in foil so it´s ready to be sent.


Neben unserem Roboter verwenden wir unseren modernen Verpackungsrahmen auch zum Verpacken, Etikettieren und vor allem zur Behandlung des Produkts gegen Beschädigungen.

2 Vacuum presses

In this section, we process solid surfaces. Vacuum presses use thermoforming to help us heat and bend various parts of washbasin bodies and other solid surface products.

CNC nesting

Here we mill the shapes of solid surface parts, which are glued and ground in the next phase.

Grinding and gluing

The last phase of machining solid surfaces is grinding and gluing the parts, by our specialist, for achieving the final look.

Storage hall

Our storage hall, where we store our finished products.