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In 2002, when I started to penetrate the furniture market with the company INTERIÉRY A SCHODIŠTĚ s. r. o. , I was surrounded by a few fellows and friends about whom I knew they were ready to set to work doing their best, i.e. people sharing the same ideas and visions with me.

Gradually, also the friends of those friends joined us, and the company developed both the range of its activities, and the sphere of activities. Thus, since 2010 we are proud to be known as the company titled INTERIORS manufacture & design a. s., specialized in comprehensive supplies focused on the interiors furnishing and fittings anywhere in the world. Undoubtedly, the success of our company is based on our key employees – i.e. people who know what they are doing, who put their heart in the work, and whose passion is the wood. Having a good sense for details and enough enthusiasm – they were same as me.

What we want: to provide our customers around the world with comprehensive interiors using the latest technologies, top-quality materials and the most handy men in our field of business.

Hafele CZ Prague headquarters equipment

Quality materials and technology

The next factors, which we appreciate and take pride in are first-class materials and technologies which help us to fasten and multiple our ingenious work, and thus, we annually invest considerable amounts in company development and new equipment. We are able to meet the requirements both of the largest client to equip their hotels, banks, restaurants, offices, shops, clubs, schools or hospitals, and also individual requirements of other clients wishing to furnish their apartments or houses.

We have no limits

in the strict sense of the term – our activity simply exceeds the borders of our country, thus we may offer also a positive recommendation from foreign markets, also having in view the top-quality materials of the suppliers known worldwide.

„No“ – this is not an answer you would hear from us

we manufacture and supply whatever is required preserving the top quality at affordable costs and with maximum reserve time. We are flexible thanks to our high-quality workshop, as well as thanks to our own paint shop, separate shop for artificial stone processing or metal workshop – which is all under the one roof.

Transport is a matter of course

Of course, we provide our customers with transport services using the vehicles of our numerous company fleet, eventually using the outsourced transport services, with assembly which is performed by professional and experienced teams, and first-class services as well, which is supervised by our employees that are trained and educated regularly to be able to deal with special needs required also by the most demanding clients.

We look into the future

To be interested in trends of our field of business and its new possibilities we consider our responsibility. Thus, we regularly take part in fair trades, exhibitions and seminars and we look for innovations, manufacture and assembly processes optimization, and information on new trends referring to our field of business.

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